Huge 90 lbs - 20" Walking Bear by Ashevak Adla

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Ashevak Adla

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Inuit art: Scenting Bear
Inuit Artist: Ashevak Adla
Size: 20" long, 12" high, 9" wide
Very heavy, 94 Lbs.
Community: Cape Dorset, NU

Stone: serpentine
ID: cfbe7916L

Had a long wait before Getting this One - Enjoy! Museum Quality!!!

This bear absolutely stunned me when I first saw it. The crisp lines and gorgeous curves completely mezmorized me. To achieve such quality on such a large stone happens only once in a while. The last large bear I had like this was a couple of years ago, so they don't come around often.

Ashevak Adla has become one of the select handfull master carvers who still do large bears. Adla is the very best active carver in the inuit art world today and is world renown for his large masterpiece bears. They are always in very strong demand, they get sold fast.

This is an extremely rare large beautiful darkish green / grey walking bear by him. A must have for your collection. Proportions, size, stone color, texture, finesse are all A-1 on this piece.

A center piece for any art gallery.

Ashevak Adla (1977- )

Ashevak was born at the nursing station in Cape Dorset, the eldest child of Kumajuk and David Adla. He started carving when he was eleven years old with his grandfather's, Audla Pee, tools. Ashevak used to watch him making birds, so he started off making something a little easier, like the heads of birds or seals. 

Ashevak is a full time carver, since there isn't much work in Cape Dorset. He would like to continue to carve and is not anxious to find another line of work. He used to work with an axe and hacksaw, but now he makes more carvings using power tools. He loves making birds with their wings wide open. He says he learned by watching Nuna Parr and his son, Jutani, working on bears. Ashevak remembers when he was a child his other grandfather, Kalai Adla, told him that when he grew up he would be a carver.

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