Gorgeous Black Stone Traditional Bear by Norman Qumuataq

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Norman Qumuatuq

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Inuit art: Bear
Inuit Artist: Norman Qumuataq
Size: 18" long, 9.5" tall, 6" deep 31 lbs (Heavy piece)
Community: Pangnirtung, NU
Stone: Serpentine (Black Stone)
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Every now and then, I come across an authentic traditional style carving that completely mesmerizes me. This piece caught my eye right away with its beautifully polished gorgeous dark black stone as its main feature. The simplicity of the piece allows the stone to take complete precedence over all other elements.

When put under a spot light, the shine and intense dark stone really illuminates the entire room. I Love everything about this piece. The gorgeous and simple lines, the proportions and of course the stone.

The dark blotched green stone really give this piece an authentic feel to the traditional inuit life. It is a piece that would easily be selected for an Inuit art auction. The piece is made with a certain spirit the way it is done in a minimalist, yet poignant and direct style from the older days.

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