Electric Green Sparring Bears by Moses Kakki

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Moses Kakki

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Inuit art: Sparring Bears
Inuit Artist: Moses Kakki
Size: 8.5" high, 7.5" high, 5.5" wide. Weight: 9.1 lbs
Community: Kimmirut, NU
Stone: Serpentine 
id: dge836018845

This is a gorgeous composition of two bears sparring over a seal. What really captivates the audience towards this piece is the unique and electric lime green coloration of the serpentine stone. The lime green color alone with the ripples of lightish veins make this piece really stand out and illuminate its immediate surroundings. It looks especially impressive under a spotlight or dimmer.

The composition itself is also very exquisite and tastefully done. I have never seen an artist do such an arrangement like this before make it a very authentic and original piece.

Lastly, the teeth on one of the bears is what completely astonished me when seeing it for the first time. The raw component of the teeth give this piece a very old and naturalistic feel to it. This piece resembles greatly the late and infamous Pauta Saila with the teeth overbearing one of the bears.

The composition in its entirety has a minimalist feel to it with a beautiful warm stone. For these reasons, this sculpture is a real winning piece.

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