Crib Board in Caribou Antler

Alex Kayotak

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Inuit art: Crib Board
Inuit Artist: Alex Kayotak
Size: 17" across, 8" wide, 5" tall (with the pegs)
Community: Igloolik
Material: Caribou Antler
id: 866003944chdy

"15 -2, 15 -4, a pair for 6, and a run of 3 makes 9, Who wants to play cribbage?"

Here is another extraordinary iconic sculpture by Kayotak. In this piece, the artist has synthesized the salient aspects of the caribou antler. The composition is not only charged with meaning, it is aesthetically pleasing as well. The caribou antler is transformed beautifully into a brilliant, electric and softly undulating cribbage board.

A piece that is not often crafted. The Inuit up north Love to play this game, especially on those dreary cold days, indoors next to a wood stove or furnace.

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