Rare Masterpiece Shaman by Lucien Ukkalianuk, mid. 1990's

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Lucien Ukkalianuk

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Inuit art: Shaman, 1996
Inuit Artist: Lucien Ukkalianuk
Size: 9.5" x 5.25" x 9.5"
Community: Igloolik, NU

Massive, weights over 15 lbs. Signed and dated

Important museum quality sculpture by Lucien Ukkalianuk. For a serious Inuit art collector. Masterpiece.

This is a rare and exquisite sculpture from a first generational artist whose works have been found in high profile estates and exhibits across the world. This particular shaman displays eloquent details and varied use of coloration to earn its mark as a masterpiece. It is not often that I come across unique pieces like this from an older generation of Inuit artists.

The shaman is holding a stick with a human spirit head at the top and a caribou hoof at the bottom. Most likely the sculpture illustrates a legend, an episode from the Kiviuk cycle of myths.

Lucien Ukkalianuk (1940-2007)

E Number: E5127

As mentioned in:

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*Maison de Poste: Reflections of Inuit Life at the Post Office House, Canadian Indian and Northern Affairs, 1979, Exhibition Records.


Name Institute City Country
Echoes of the Drum Gallery of the Arctic Victoria, BC Canada
Drummers The Guild Shop Toronto, ON Canada
Arctic Forms - Inuit Sculpture Arctic Inuit Art Gallery Toronto, ON Canada
Sculpture from Igloolik The Innuit Gallery of Eskimo Art Toronto, ON Canada
The Treasured Monument Marion Scott Gallery Vancouver, BC Canada


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