Massive 14" Grey Muskox by Lucassie Ikkidluaq

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Lucassie Ikkidluak

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Inuit Art: Muskox
Artist: Lucassie Ikkidluaq (Ikkidluak)
Dimensions: 14" across, 9" high, 7" wide. Weight: 32 lbs
Community: Iqaluit 
Stone: serpentine
Museum quality piece!

 One of of the last Lucassie Muskox available. (He has some health problems).

The line up for galleries and collectors to acquire one of Lucassie's Muskox is immense. His muskox are one of the most in demand carvings in the world.

For a gallery to obtain one, it takes about a year for waiting. Acquiring a Lucassie Muskox is not only a rare find, it is a real investment. When Lucassie retires from carving, any Muskox by him will be worth double in value overnight.

This is a center piece for an Inuit art gallery from a world famous Inuit artist (top five Inuit artists in the world), will be a center of your home or office.

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