15" Masterpiece Bear by Inuk Charlie

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Inuk Charlie

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Inuit Art: Walking Bear
Artist: Inuk Charlie
Dimensions: 15" long,, 10" high, 7" wide. Weight: 27 lbs
Community: Taloyoak, N.W.T.
Stone: Serpentine
id: ndc-166-112654aeij

**Museum Piece

This is another beautifully carved rendition of a polar bear by an artist we rarely get a chance to see. Inuk Charlie screams from the North West Territories and it is in this rather pragmatic works that he yields an affinity towards realism.

This skill is achieved through delicate cuts, masterful proportions, and an overall automaticity. So much so that muscle tone, posture and gestures are denoted throughout the piece.  

 This work's poignancy can be partly explained by its relative rawness; In this intriguingly ambiguous work, Charlie brilliantly fuses surface texture and form into this piece. He proves that texture need not be applied simply as decoration or as a "realistic detail". When applied wisely it can become an integral element of the form in itself. The result is an almost heraldic composition.

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