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Inuit Sculptures Art Gallery

$250.00 CAD

Discover our FULL SERVICE Restoration & Repair Department.

Our Professional Restoration Artist will return even severely damaged carvings back to their Original state.

Our Restoration Artist's Work is World Renowned.

No Visible Repair Lines.


**PRICING in USD  (is based on the Extent of Damage)**

$250 - $450     
Small Scratches and Chips 
$300+ $?            
Replace Accessories (tusks, drums)  

$550+ $?            
Broken With NO Missing Parts                        

$850+ $?            
Reconstruction Of Missing Parts                 

Prices quoted in CAD + 14.975% Sales Tax

(**Total Cost: = Deposit of $250.00 + Materials and Service)

How Long Will My Restoration Take?

Just as the carving of these magnificent stone sculptures takes many months, the restorations also require expertise, talent and time.

Restoring Inuit sculptures is a niche occupation.  These artists are in high demand and there are not many who commit to this exacting work.

Your carving will receive all the time and commitment that it requires in order for it to be returned to you in perfect condition.

The process of restoring and repairing can take 1-4 months depending on the number of restorations in the queue and the severity of the damage to your piece.

We promise you, it will be worth the wait.

As people like to say, Rome wasn't built in a day.

Where do you Ship?

We ship World Wide.

Whether your Restoration is for Personal or Insurance purposes, We promise your piece will be restored to its Original magnificent self.

We will guide you through our very Simple process (packing and shipping)

First, call Bryce at 1 800 457 8110  or

Below are examples of our many Before and After projects.

And remember. . .

We promise to send you only good things!

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