Large 11" Ptarmigan by Kulula Itulu

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Kulula Itulu

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Inuit art: Ptarmigan / Bird
Inuit Artist: Kulula Itulu
Size: 11" long, 6" tall, 6" wide. Weight: 6 lbs
Community: Kimmirut (Lake Harbour)
Stone: Serpentine

Fantastic dark green ptarmigan by Inuit artist Kulula Itulu from Kimmirut, NU. This beautiful and shiny bird caught my attention mostly due to its very illuminating dark coloring. The bird looks almost black, very rich color. Its movement is very active and alive, coupled with beautiful proportions and lines.

The stone is polished extremely well which is why it looks so smooth and refined.


Canadian Museum of Civilization, Hull, Quebec                                                                                                    
Musee des beaux-arts de Montreal, Montreal, Quebec                                                                                               

Institute of American Indian Arts Museum          
KEEPING OUR STORIES ALIVE:  An Exhibition of Art and Crafts from
Dene and Inuit of Canada.  Santa Fe, N.M.: Institute of American
Native Arts Museum, 1995

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