9" Traditional Green Dancing Bear by Late Noo Atsiaq

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Noo Atsiaq

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Inuit art: Dancing Bear
Inuit Artist: Noo Atsiaq 
Size: 9" tall, 3" deep, 5" wide
Community: Cape Dorset, NU
Stone: Serpentine

This is one of three rare and spectacular dancing bears by the late and acclaimed Inuit artist Noo Atsiaq that I recently acquired. This and the two others bears by Noo are the last three in the world available of this magnitude.

The sculpture is made out of a gorgeous traditional green serpentine stone. This is a classic vintage style Noo Atsiaq bear which is what made him so famous. The movement, the life, gorgeous polish of stone and the proportions are what made Noo Atsiaq one of the most recognizable Inuit artists for bears. The carving is completely perfect, brand new! The sculpture is signed by the artist.

What really strikes me about Noo Atsiaq's work are that his dancing and walking bears seem to almost want to float into weightlessness on their own. They are so elegantly and gracefully carved. His contours and edges are smooth and rounded to such a finite detail that it allows the carving to achieve a certain poise, disposition and grace unlike any other dancing bears out there. This is why he is considered one of the most talented artists alive for dancing bears.

The gorgeous color, grace, and movement for this bear is beautiful and full of life. It is also a significant piece in that it is large and well noticeable.

We buy directly from the artist and can offer you better deals. 

NOO ATSIAQ (1985-2013)

Noo Atsiaq was born in Iqaluit (Frobisher Bay), Nunavut and lived and carved in Cape Dorset, the capital of Inuit art. His Parents are Alashua Atsiaq and Piulia Pudlalik Atsiaq. Noo has been carving since he was a young kid. He was initially taught by watching other carvers. His favorite subject is bears, dancing, diving and walking. Sculptures by Noo Atsiaq are well known and thought after in the Inuit art collectors world. He also occasionally carves people and caribou.

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