9" Traditional Fishing Boat by Don Pitseolak

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Donny Pitsiulak

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Inuit art: Fishing Boat
Size: 9" long, 2.5" wide, Weight: 3 lbs
Community: Kimmirut
Stone: Whale bone & Ivory
Inuit Artist: Don Pitseolak

Note: Not Exportable into the USA. Ivory and Whale bone is restricted.

In purely formal terms this piece is an inspired assemblage of whalebone and ivory, transcending to a timeless state of mind.

When I saw this piece, I was immediately drawn to it. Completely captivated, and mesmerized... quite possibly from the spirit inside.

If I was to describe this piece in one word - Samonie Toonoo "Timeless". It was made in 2008 no doubt, but you would never know it by looking at it. Is this a first generation, or modern avant-garde? To the beholder to decide. This piece will hold its disposition for eternity. It is "Timeless".

The foliage of the flag made from seal skin, looking over the beautiful intricacies of the fishermen made from Ivory is captivating.

The assemblage of fishermen made from ivory extentuate the highlights of the beautiful dark boat made from whale bone. This piece will no doubt garnish the chronicles on inuit art magazines and auction house covers in years to come.

The proportions, lines and finish of the stone is also done to perfection.


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