9" Owl & Bird Friend Master Carver Derrald Taylor

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Derrald Taylor

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Inuit art: Owl and Bird Friend
Inuit Artist: Derrald Taylor
Size: 9" Across (8" vertical), 7" wide, 6" deep 
Community: Tuktoyaktuk, NWT
Stone: African kisi stone, Alabaster (base), Moose Antler (claws)
id: d-8875abjjy

                              FANTASTIC MOVEMENTS

Quite frankly, this is currently the nicest Owl carving we have received all year. Naturally, it hales from Master carver Derrald Taylor.

The Owl's gorgeous orange Brazilian stone is punctuated by the intricate moose antler claws.

The Owl's piercing eyes follow your every movement around the room..

The beautiful embroidery of the back feathers are the star of the piece. Derrald's petite white bird friend adds a dimension to the piece that you usually see with the Mother and Child theme.  In this instance, he illustrates a close relationship between the two birds. I suspect the small bird offers companionship and the owl provides protection. 

Derrald is a “once in a lifetime” gift to the art world.  Three years ago, I met Derrald and now I can't wait for him to send me his magnificent carvings.

Derrald is a masterfully skilled artist. His carvings have a certain je ne sais quoi that is both charming and inspirational. These pieces of art are pure magic.

When the sunligWeht strikes the sculpture, the orange-brown Brazilian soapstone radiates energy and warmth. Each meticulously carved detail of the sculpture bears witness to Derrald Taylor’s commitment to perfection. Derrald's work is among the finest in our gallery.

We are honored to be able to bring his passionate art to our appreciative Inuit art collectors.

See our June 5, 2021 blog Spotlight on Derrald Taylor.

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