11" Scenting Caribou by Esa Kripanik

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Esau Kripanik

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Inuit art: Caribou
Inuit Artist: Esa Kripanik
Size: 7.5" tall, 11" across, 9" long, 2.5" wide. Weight: 3 lbs
Community: Igloolik, NU
Stone: Limestone
id: b-9987ece

This is an absolutely gorgeous caribou  from a very remote Inuit community called Igloolik. Artists in Igloolik here have a unique style. They focus on creating sculptures to look as real as possible. The stone is rarely polished and they prefer a dry flat finish.

Esau is one of the top Inuit artists in the world for caribou sculptures. This particular caribou is personally our favourite, the most beautiful we've seen a long time. 

There are beautifully engraved caribou pictures on the side which makes this carving very unique.

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