9" Masterpiece Beluga Whale by Idris Moss-Davies

Idris Moss-Davis

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Inuit art: Beluga Whale
Inuit Artist: Idris Moss-Davies
Size: 9" long, 8" high, 6" wide, 8 lbs 
Community: Qikiqtarjuaq, NU
id: d-9938adjjy

Master carver Idris Moss-Davies’ Beluga whale radiates with undiluted joy and a sense of penultimate freedom.

Idris’ choice of this effervescent white Alabaster stone for the whale is brilliant. Sparkling in the sun and contrasted against the rock base, this young whale undulates softly in the play of light but its powerful musculature dominates your senses.

Its refined finish, the meticulous attention to the smallest detail; this is a complex carving. The lines and curves of this majestic marine mammal takes your breath away. This masterpiece whale transcends wingless into the heavens floating forever in time.

This sculpture ranks high in Moss-Davies’ repertoire. It is one of the most eye catching works in our gallery.

Master carver Idris Moss-Davis is the mentor of artist Paul Bruneau who is a new carver in our gallery. We are incredibly honoured to be able to offer their sculptures to our clients.

This Beluga whale is new and in perfect condition. It comes with the Igloo tag of authenticity and is signed on the bottom.

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