9" Fun Dancing Bear by Ottokie Samayualie

Ottokie Samayualie

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Inuit art: Dancing Bear       
Inuit Artist: Ottokie Samayualie
Size: 8.5" long, 5" wide, 5.5" tall, 4.5 lbs.
Community: Cape Dorset, NU
Stone: Serpentine
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The idiosyncratic golden stone is the highlight of this masterful bear. Made from a hard to get, exquisite serpentine soapstone. a bizarre mystical transcendence of yellows and oranges will ignite your audience to a halt.

Ottokie is among the best artists out there for medium sized dancing and walking bears. His pieces have so much flow and movement to them and they really exemplify the spirit of a dancing bear. I never hesitate to acquire his pieces as they are all exuberantly done to perfection.

This is a nice sized bear and the golden stone is absolutely radiant and warm. The dynamics and movements of this piece are what encompass absolute perfection within the realm of a dancing bear.

Ottokie Samayualie

Ottokie is the son of Cape Dorset artists Johnny and Kuluajuke Tunnillee. Ottokie has followed the same artistic path. In Nunavut, artistic talent is passed on through the family rather than taught in an art school.

Ottokie Samayualie takes great care in choosing his stone. His carvings are made of the finest serpentine of varying green shades, and then smoothed and polished to best exhibit the lustre of the stone. Ottokie prefers to carve bears.

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