9" Drum Dancing Shaman by Wayne Puqiqnak

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Wayne Puqiqnak

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Inuit art: Drum Dancing Shaman
Inuit Artist: Wayne Puqiqnak
Size: 9" long, 7" wide, 4" deep. Weight: 9 lbs
Community: Gjoa Haven, NU
Meium: serpentine, antler
id: dbe832000141

This is a remarkable spirit transformation Wayne Puqiqnak. What really inspires me about this piece are the various elements of stone and caribou antler used. 

The eyes really make this piece come alive. I rarely get to see pieces like this made. Gjoa Haven is one of the smaller communities that make Inuit art. The Kitikmeot region is renowned for its “grotesque” style

When put under a light, this piece really "pops" and your audience will immediately take notice.

Wayne Puqiqnak (1975- )

Wayne Puqiqnak

Community: Gjoa Haven (Kikmeot region)
Born: 1975
Wayne is the third generation artist in his family. Wayne’s style is strongly influenced by his father (Uriash Puqiqnak) and his grandfather (Nelson Takkiruq). Wayne likes to carve hunters and drum dancers with a lot of movements and expressive faces with and inlay eyes.  Wayne'e sculptures can be found in major art galleries worldwide.

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