11" Canada Goose by Johnysa Mathewsie

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Johnysa Mathewsie

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Inuit art: Goose
Inuit Artist: Johnysa Mathewsie
Size: 11" across (tail to beak), 9.5" wide, 9.25"  tall, 3.25" deep. Weight: 6 lbs
Community: Cape Dorset, NU
Stone: Serpentine 
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A masterpiece! The best goose in our collection.

This is a beautiful goose from Cape Dorset artist Johnysa Mathewsie. Our favorate pose for a goose by this carver, usually he carves them differently (with wings up or to the sides). Fantastic proportions, positive and happy glow. 

Johnysa Mathewsie (1984 - )
Johnysa comes from a Cape Dorset family of famous artists.His grandfather Lukta Qiatsuq and his father Qiatsuq Qiatsuq are both carvers. Padlaya Qiatsuq, who is an active renowned Cape Dorset artist is Johnysa's uncle.
Johnysa learned to carve at an early age by watching other artists in his family and the community. Now, in his 30th, he is an established carver with about 20 years of experience. Canada geese are his specialty.

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