8" Walking Bear and Seal by Esa (Esau) Kripanik

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Esau Kripanik

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Inuit art: Walking Bear and Whale
Inuit Artist: Esa Kripanik
Size: 8" across, 6" wide, 3" wide. Weight: 2.8 lbs
Community: Igloolik, NU
Stone: Limestone
id: b-997132cjj

The tenuous embroidery and visages of Arctic mammal have rendered Esa's craft as a distinctive, yet prominent mainstay for galleries alike. His fastidious proportions, and exquisite beauty, have endeared Kripanik's depiction of Northern wildlife to be celebrated among the avant garde circles of Inuit art. Solo works and publications by him have been adopted and praised worldwide.

This is yet another masterpiece by world famous Esa Kripanik.

His works are always so masterfully carved, and with the particular whitish grey limestone that he uses, his pieces have become synonymous in the inuit art world as being the very best and most original. 

What strikes me most of this piece are the multi-coloured elements used. The contrast between the stand colored base and the white stone make this carving really "pop".

It is an absolutely gorgeous bear from a very remote Inuit community called Igloolik. It is a community which is very isolated from the other northern communities. Artists here have a unique style. They focus on creating sculptures to look as real as possible. The stone is rarely polished and they prefer a dry flat finish.

What also makes sculptures by Esa Kripanik so different are the engravings often found on their sides. 


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