8" Sedna Spirit by Idris Moss-Davies

Idris Moss-Davis

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Inuit art: Sedna Spirit
Inuit Artist: Idris Moss-Davies
Size: 8" high, 8" wide, 5" deep
Community: Qikiqtarjuaq (Broughton Island, NU)
id: d-88395afjjy

This is an iconic piece depicting the Sedna Spirit. Her folklore story describes the protection she gives to the Inuit and must face the harsh elements of the Canadian North.

Idris has been a prolific carver for several decades, and although he carved some great works in his lifetime, it is fair to say that this particular sedna is at the epitome height of his career.

This sedna sculpture is a masterpiece, perhaps his magnum opus and certainly a prime example of how a sedna spirit should look. Carved from an obdurate piece of vivid white stone, it is exquisitely finished to the highest order a carver can do.

The beautiful craftsmanship, the movements, the historical context and importance of this sedna in Inuit folklore, speaks eloquently of the physical and spiritual relationship between Inuk and sedna goddess.

The highlight of this piece is exclaimed to the stunning white stone setting. This establishes a gateway to a euphoric dynamic where the sculpture is completed to a degree of perfection rarely ever seen.

Idris is a very well established artist and is recognized internationally for his sculptures depicting Northern life. His sculptures are full of life with much movement. This is what attracts Inuit art enthusiasts to his works. 

This carving is new, signed. An igloo tag of authenticity is attached.

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