8" Scenting Bear by Noah Jaw

Noah Jaw

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Inuit art: Scenting Bear     
Inuit Artist: Noah Jaw
Size: 8" long, 4.5" high, 4" wide
Community: Cape Dorset
Stone: Serpentine
id: dfa-7697kijjy

Over the last several years, Jaw has emerged as one of my favorite artists for bears. Their is a quiet grace and disposition about his pieces that emulate a visage of beauty and class. His lines are crisp and his proportions are immaculate. I would consider Noah Jaw to be one of today's top artists for bears

Generally speaking, Jaw's medium and large-scale walking bears emphasize bulk and weight rather than the subtlety of line and form. This depiction of a walking bear is certainly bulky, but is elegant and refined as well. It is an accurate portrayal from every angle, with harmonious lines and volumes. The animal is not merely resting; it is truly at rest. 

The balance, the atomic precision, and deep coloration in the stone make this piece worthy of being featured in any Inuit art chronicle.

For larger sized walking bears, Noah Jaw is the absolute best.

The size also has considerable mass to it and must be lifted using two hands.

Signed by the artist, comes with igloo tag.

Noah Jaw (1976 - )
Noah comes from a family of artists. Noah Jaw's older brother, Kellipalik Jaw, is also a carver in Cape Dorset.
Noah likes to carve bears and kayaks, but as a master carver can carve almost any subjects (walrus, fish, muskox).
1990 New Miniature Sculpture, Gallery Phillip, Don Mills, ON
1995 Miniaturen, Inuit Galerie, Mannheim, Germany
1996 Major/Minor, Marion Scott Gallery, Vancouver, BC
1997 Stories in Stone: A Canadian Inuit Art Exhibition, trade mission to South Korea, Westin Chosun Hotel, Seoul, South Korea

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