8" Mother & Calf Orcas Master Carver Derrald Taylor

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Derrald Taylor

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Inuit Art: Mother & Calf Orca (Killer) Whales
Artist: Derrald Taylor
Dimensions: 8" across, 7" high, 5" deep
Community: Tuktoyaktuk, North West Territories
Stone: Limestone
id: d-9992abjjy

***Museum Piece

Note** Derrald Taylor recently crafted a two-part series of Orcas. This Mother and Calf is the 2nd set of carvings from that series. It has been more than a year since Taylor carved a set of spectacular Orcas.

This Orca Mother and her calf are superb.
I love the movement in this piece; the whales move in tandem like synchronized swimmers.
You can feel the effortless movement of these two Orcas...silent and sleek.
Most Orcas are presented in black and white but Derrald has chosen green, gray, and caramel stone.
Instantly, the whales are transported under the sea, zigging and zagging around the rock formations on the ocean floor. 

This is an example of Derrald's imagination and innovative style. Most Orcas are positioned above the water as if they are breaching.
But Derrald's carvings often reveal an unexpected feature that surprises and delights the viewer.
For instance, notice how the calf is pale in comparison to its mother.  Taylor is correct. The intense black skin of the Orca doesn't occur until later in adult life.
When you see this piece in person, you will be astonished by how the translucent stone of the Orcas springs to life and explodes with color when the carving is bathed in light. 

Our clients love Taylor's art especially his Orcas. We just cannot get enough of them!
Taylor is at the pinnacle of Inuit art, especially with his enchanting Orcas. He is becoming one of Canada's top Inuit Master carvers in the realm of Ruben Komangapik and Nuna Parr.
I have seen many whale carvings over the years. Believe me when I say that Taylor’s Orcas are Masterpieces that rise above the others.

Taylor’s pieces have toured worldwide and are in countless publications, Inuit art journals, exhibitions, and museums.

See our June 5. 2021 blog Spotlight on Derrald Taylor.

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