8.5" Inukshuk Man by George Noah

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George Noah

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Inuit art: Inukshuk Man
Inuit Artist: George Noah
Size: 8.5" tall, 7" wide, 2.5" deep. Weight 6 lbs
Community: Igloolik, NU
Stone: Serpentine
id: caps-838000155bbe

This is the most original and beautiful Inukshuk I have ever seen.

I will admit, Inukshuk aren't normally my favourite subjects in Inuit art. Generally speaking, I find them boring and lack certain dynamics. However, to meet our corporate order demands, I am compelled to buy them.

With this particular inukshuk by George Noah, this is not nearly the case. This inukshuk has so much dimensions to it, with the gorgeous face made from caribou bone. I Love the dark stone, and the detail in the face is masterful. 

This would make an incredible gift for a corporate client. It is not just your A-typical inukshuk. This one is done in a very unique and special way.

Its beauty will resonate throughout the entire room and your audience will be captivated by it.

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