7" Inuk in his Boat by John Marie Ivalutinar *Breezy*

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John Marie Ivalutinar

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Inuit art: Fishing Boat
Inuit Artist: John Marie Ivalutinar
Size: 7" long, 6" high, 4" wide (not including the ors)
Community: Repulse Bay, NU
Stone: Limestone and Caribou bone

I am always captivated by artistic depictions of Inuit life.

I love all the small components of the scene.  I am awed by the artistic skill that is required to carve such tiny pieces.

Finally, I always wonder "Why did this artist choose this particular subject?  Why does he think this is important?"

Fishing and hunting themes are often depicted in the Inuit life vignettes. Food and clothing is the essence of life when you live in a harsh environment

I am spellbound by the seal skin flag.  Our fisherman is dependent on this boat for his very life.  Without his sail or his paddles, he would be lost at sea and would eventually die of hypothermia.

The accoutrements of his fishing ( harpoon, ropes, paddles, etc) are fascinating. Each piece has a vital role to play in this expedition.

Lastly, John Ivalutinar has chosen to carve the Inuk with a neutral coloured stone.  It takes the focus off the human in the scene, and places it onto the all important fishing boat.

This sculpture is hypnotizing.  

You will never tire of looking at this vignette.

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