NFS** 7" Owl with hypnotizing eyes by Kupapik Ningeocheak

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Kupapik Ningeocheak

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Inuit art: Owl 
Inuit Artist: Kupapik Ningeocheak
Size: 7.5" high, 6.5" long, 3" deep
id: caps:830000847hejy

In this rather unusual piece, Ningeocheak utilizes the fascination of hypnosis and amniotic glare from the owl's charged pupils.

Carved with great skill and refinement, this sculpture brings to mind the works of Nunavut masters Jimmy Iqaluq, Pitseolak Qimirpik and Napatchie Sharky. The embodiment of the etched-in feathers coalesced into the pressed stone and electrically charged eyes transform this piece from rigid state, to life.

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