7" Mother and Child by Famous Inuit Art Pioneer Tuna Iqulik, 1997

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Tuna Iqulik

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Inuit art: Mother and Child
Size: 7" tall, 5" wide, 3.5" deep, 4.9 lbs
Community: Baker Lake
Stone: Local blackish grey stone from Baker Lake
Inuit Artist: Tuna Iqulik (born in 1935)
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This is an important, and historic piece from a first generation Inuit art

ist, and world famous - Tuna Iqulik. We have done numerous appraisals for our clients involving his works and in doing so, his pieces are very highly appraised. 

Fortunately, there are still a select few of his unsold pieces like this one that are selling new. So the price is an immediate investment as it will easily be worth double the price in less than five years.

For this piece in particular, I love the minimalist look which is signified in most older works by other first generation inuit artists. The process to achieve this

rugged and minimalist look involved using hand tools only. This is a beautiful traditional piece depicting a mother and child and shows the rugged nature and hard life of the traditional Inuit.

Tuna is a famous Inuit artist from Baker Lake. His art was featured in in numerous inuit art magazines, history books and exhibitions:

Tuna Iqulik (1935)

"Toona Iquliq was born in 1935 near Baker Lake (Qamanittuaq). A member of the inland dwelling Caribou Inuit, he moved to the coastal settlement of Rankin Inlet in the late 1950s (or early 1960s) following the establishment of the North Rankin Nickel Mine. He began making carvings in the mid-1960s, receiving early encouragement from Robert Williamson, an anthropologist who was working in Rankin Inlet at the time. A resident of Baker Lake since the early 1970s, Iqulik is one of the Keewatin region’s best-known artists.

Iqulik is a carver with a wide range of expression. His sculptures include depictions of hauntingly isolated figures and human faces, but he is probably best known for his images of birds. The sculpture included in this exhibition was produced in the early 1980s, just as the artist’s work was becoming even more abstract and less representational than earlier in his career. In this wonderfully simple, even primal work, the artist represents a pair of birds— a mother and her chick—joined in a single form. With characteristic restraint Iqulik has left the birds free of surface detail, a choice that allows the viewer to engage directly with their expressively sensuous volumes."

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