7.5" Muskox by Joamie Ipeelee

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Joamie Aipeelee

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Inuit art: Muskox        
Inuit Artist: Joamie Ipeelee
Size: 7.5­­­­" long, 5" tall, 2.25" wide. Weight: 2 lbs
Community: Iqaluit
Stone: serpentine
id: b-9313bdj

This is an absolutely wild muskox. The color of the stone is outrageous and striking. This is what immediately caught my eye about this piece. The orange and greens in the stone is spectacular. 
Also, the eyes and horns really contrast incredibly with the dark stone making this a real statement piece. Jomie's muskox fly off the shelves whenever we received them. The plush silky smooth stone allots a certain flow and style to this piece.

Joamie Ipeelee
 (1963 - ) is a third generation artist from a world famous family of Cape Dorset carvers. His grandfather is world renowned Nooveya Ipeelie and father is famous Seepee Ipeelie.
Muskox are Joamie's signature carvings. 

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