6" Three Way Diving Bear by Pauloosie Tunnillie

Pauloosie Tunnillie

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Inuit art: Diving Bear       
Inuit Artist: Pauloosie Tunnillie
Size: 6.5" tall, 5" wide, 3" deep 
Community: Cape Dorset, NU
Stone: Serpentine (fantastic black marble stone)
id: ndc-191-1266390dijy

** One of the nicest three way bears we have ever seen at the gallery.

I have a Wish list of criteria for the Perfect Dancing bear.

Samayualie’s Black Dancing bear fills the bill.

The stone must be spectacular!

This particular Dancing bear is made with a black marble that defines purity. It is flawless. The colour isn't just rich ... it is inky and radiant. The polish is glass surface smooth. You can’t stop touching this bear.

The pose of the bear must be extraordinary!
Ottokie places his bears in impossible poses. He pushes the limits of possibility. If his bears were human they would be Olympians. This bear is arched backwards almost to the point where you feel he may tip over. But of course, he never does.

The bear must have personality!
Ottokie’s bears are cheeky and mischievous but super powerful and magnetic.
They tug on your heart.

And finally, there MUST be a surprise!
This is Samayualie’s special talent.

The bear often has oversized front paws flexed in a position that makes me think of a Bollywood dancer! Or the hind feet are so large the bear looks like it is wearing scuba flippers. Ottokie is one of the only artists who carves an obvious tail; and this small addition is that unique detail that makes his bears one of a kind in spirit.

I am always searching for his carvings to share with my clients. Ottokie Samayualie never disappoints me.

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