6" Seal by Esa (Esau) Kripanik

Esau Kripanik

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Inuit art: Seal
Inuit Artist: Esa Kripanik
Size: 6" long, 3.25" high, 2" wide, 1 lbs
Community: Igloolik, NU
Stone: Limestone
id: ndc-158-265931aib

This is a gorgeous seal. The etched in marks on its back side add an amazing depth to this piece. This seal is wonderfully carved and is done in a beautiful white limestone.

This piece comes from a very remote Inuit community called Igloolik. It is a community that is very isolated from the other northern communities. Artists in Igloolik have a very unique style as they focus on realism when making their sculptures and the stone they use is rarely polished and have a dry flat finish.

What also makes Esa Kripanik's carvings so distinct are the engravings often found on their sides.

This stunning Inuit carving comes with an Igloo Tag (Certified of Authenticity) and is completely perfect and brand new.

We buy directly from the artist which allows us to offer you better deals.

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