6" Caribou by Peter K. *Migration*

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Peter K.

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Inuit art: Caribou
Inuit Artist: Peter K.
Size: 6" long, 5"tall, 2" wide
Community: Yellowknife, NWT 21
Stone: Alabaster, muskox horn
id: d-7739fjjy

Peter K. has quickly become one of my favourite new artists.  

He is a protege of Derrald Taylor whose influence is obvious.

But make no mistake, Peter is his own man (artist)!

This enchanting caribou is a beautiful copper brown which resembles the animal's natural colour.

This colour provokes images of the tundra in spring.

By choosing a light colour, all the details and features of the carving are easily seen and appreciated.

The antlers are the crowning glory of this sculpture.  They are branching and regal but unique in that from the side view the antlers form a capital C.

The body has a primitive form and yet  Peter has still been able to fashion a creature that is refined and sophisticated. 

Caribou stands on uneven ground reminiscent of the tundra.

Peter K's caribou is remarkable in its realism.Caribou would be a remarkable gif for any animal lover or Inuit art enthusiast. 

See our communique on Peter's mentor Derrald Taylor.  Spotlight on Derrald Taylor.


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