5" Love Birds by Tukiki Manumee

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Tukiki Manumee

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Inuit art: Love Birds
Inuit Artist: Tukiki Manumee
Size: 5" tall, 3" long
Community: Cape Dorset
Stone: Serpentine
id: ndc-100-1255655abj

Sadly, Tukiki has recently passed away on April 14th, 2017. His art will be missed. His whimsy and playful approach to his birds have earned him a strong and distinguished reputation as an artist. His work was exonerated in the National art gallery of Canada.

This is a set of Love Birds by master Inuit carver Tukiki Manumee. Very happy and peaceful. A perfect gift!

This Bird scene is the ultimate demonstration of Tukiki’s interest; the visages are highly realistic, harmonious with the crisp and flawless proportions. This depiction is remarkable on its own; the assemblage is quite extraordinary.

Tukiki is one of the most prolific and influential Inuit carvers and one of the founders of Inuit art for the isolated communities of Cape Dorset, NU. One of his pieces was acquired by the National Art Gallery of Canada.

Some of his pieces were commissioned to the National Gallery of Canada and can also be found in the Inuit art museum of Winnipeg, Canada. So, what is it that defines Tukiki and his world-famous carvings?

The ability to carve out a strong dynamic sense of realism into one seamless transition took years of experience and commitment. The refinement of his eskimo’s facial features capture the raw beauty of the Arctic wildlife in their rugged surroundings. No one else captures the beauty of a human figure quite like Tukiki did. This is what made his compositions true masterpieces.

Any collector owning a piece by Tukiki understands that without exception, each one of his pieces appreciates tremendously in value over the years. He was a very traditional living Inuit who hunted and fished. He liked to go camping on the land where he found much peace and relaxation which in turn gave him the inspiration to carve.


Tukiki's parents Davidee Mannumi and Paunichea, as well as his brothers Axangayu Shaa and Qavavau Mannumi, are also artists.  Exhibiting since 1976, Tikki's work has been included in collections and shows in galleries in Canada, US and Europe.

Birds have always played a pivotal role in the Inuit imagination and from the very beginning have been a popular subject matter in Inuit art, both in its two- and three dimensional formats. Some of the most iconic Inuit artists like Kenojuak Ashevak or Abraham Etungat will forever be associated with bird imagery. Cape Dorset artist Tukiki Manumie is a worthy successor to continue this artistic tradition and the Inuit Gallery is delighted to present this collection of bird sculptures by the artist.

Tukiki Manumie, who has exhibited his sculptural work since the mid 1970s, comes from a family of artists. He is the grandson of first generation graphic artist Kiakshuk and brother of well known carver Axangayu Shaa and printmaker Qavavau Manumie. While the influences of some of these family members can be seen in his work, he has created his own place within the sculptural realism that Cape Dorset is celebrated for.

His sculptures are beautiful, often whimsical but also endearing depictions of animals with their young and of companionship and a testament to the artist’s eye for detail and balance. It is obvious that Tukiki Manumie is a master of creating compositions with very strong positive and negative spaces. There also is a sense of being comfortably surrounded and comforted that emanates from these pieces. At the same time the sculptures incorporate transformational elements in the elongated, sometimes disproportional features that the artist imbues his birds with.




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