4.5" Emerald Green Walking Bear by Ashoona Ashoona

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Ashoona Ashoona

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Inuit art: Walking Bear
Inuit Artist: Ashoona Ashoona
Size: 4.5" long, 2.25" tall, 1.5" wide. Weight: 1 lbs
Community: Cape Dorset, NU
Stone: Serpentine
id: j-7368aaj

Classic walking bear from Cape Dorset. Beautiful color - intense emerald green. 

Ashoona Ashoona (1974 - )

Ashoona Ashoona comes from Ashoona family of Cape Dorset Inuit artists. Ashoona learned to carve by watching and helping his father Koomwartok Ashoona. His cousin Ottokie Ashona is an active carver as well. His uncles are sculptors Kaka Ashoona and Kiawak Ashoona, and his grandmother is renowned graphic artist Pitseolak Ashoona.

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