5" Black Owl by Joanasie Manning

Joanasie Manning

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Inuit art: Owl
Inuit Artist: Joanasie Manning
Size: 5" Long, 2" Tall, 4" wide 
Community: Cape Dorset, NU 
Stone: Black Marble (very rare pure black stone)
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This is an exquisite rendition of Canada’s famous Snowy Owl.
Not the customary majestic pure white bird. This Snowy Owl is a breathtaking black sculpture. Mysterious and bold. This is a true masterpiece by Joanasie Manning.

The tenacious exuberance of this piece is manifest in the contrast between the spectre of the black stone and the yellow inlayed eyes.

These eyes (made from caribou antler) are the main event. In true hunter style, they focus on your every movement. You are fixed in their gaze.

But for now, this avian predator is small and young. No obvious talons. No razor sharp beak. Hardly a threat.

The black marble is the perfect medium for this small body. The bird is relaxed and resting on the ground. The rich stone is polished into a warm but glossy finish. The light dances on this small powerful body.

Manning’s owls have made him internationally famous. Inlayed eyes are his raison d’etre and his contribution to the Inuit art world. Inlaying eyes requires patience and determination. It is a gruelling technique that demands precision and obsessive dedication. Manning and Manasie Akpaliapik are the Masters of the inlayed eye. The colour of the eyes and their perfect rendition are the reason Manning’s owls are so sought after. The eyes are the life and soul of his sculptures.

This carving is signed on the bottom by Manning and comes with the Igloo Tag of Authenticity.

Joanasie Manning (1967- )

Joanassie was born and lived in Cape Dorset all his life. 

Joanassie began carving at the age of twenty. His grandfather, the renowned carver Osuitok Ipeelee, was a great influence on his work. After carving sporadically for a number of years, Joanassie is now working more consistently. He has evolved a personal style that is becoming stronger and more confident.*

* From Cape Dorset Sculpture, 2005.


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