18" Black Marble Walking Bear by Noo Atsiaq

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Noo Atsiaq

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Inuit art: Scenting Bear
Inuit Artist: Noo Atsiaq
Size: 18" long, 9" high, 6" wide. Weight: 45 lbs
Community: Cape Dorset, NU
Stone: Black Marble

This is a very special HUGE and HEAVY rare black marble walking bear by Noo Atsiaq from Cape Dorset.

Will surely be a centre piece of your art collection!

There are only about three or four active carvers in Cape Dorset who can create large bears. Noo is one of them. Carving big sculptures takes lots of experience and talent, it is also very physically challenging because of the weight of the rock.

What immediately caught my eye when I saw this piece was the gorgeous smooth dark black marble stone. The colour alone makes this piece very vivid to its surroundings. The high intensity gloss really make this an electrifying piece. This is one of my personal favourite pieces by the late Noo Atsiaq.

NOO ATSIAQ (1985- 2013)

Noo Atsiaq was born in Iqaluit (Frobisher Bay), Nunavut and now lives and carves in Cape Dorset, the capital of Inuit art. His Parents are Alashua Atsiaq and Piulia Pudlalik Atsiaq. Noo has been carving since he was a young kid. He was initially taught by watching other carvers. His favorite subject is bears, dancing, diving and walking. Sculptures by Noo Atsiaq are well known and thought after in the Inuit art collectors world. He also occasionally carves people and caribou.

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