4.75" Green Basking Walrus by Johnny Appaqaq

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Johnny Appaqaq

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Inuit art: Basking Walrus
Size: 4.75" long, 2.25" high, 1.75" deep. Weight: 10 oz
Community: Sanikiluaq
Stone: argillite, tusks are carved out of caribou antler
Inuit Artist: Johnny Appaqaq

Fantastic Basking walrus by a master carver from Sanikiluaq (please see the bio below).


Johnny Appaqaq (1955 - )

Community: Sanikiluaq

Date of birth: October 30,1955

E-number: E-9-592

Wife: Lizzie Amagoalik        Children: 2

Father: Allie Appaqaq

Mother: Mary Appaqaq

Brothers:4                                             Sisters:1

Language: Inuktitut/English

Carving since the age of 9 or 8.           Initially taught by watching his father. Then eventually learned by practicing.

Source of stone:

Johnny goes to the main mining place, along with other family or with other carvers during the summer. He can also get them at the Iqaltu, and Qaqqaaluk. Couple of times Johnny followed his brother Moses Appaqaq Jr. to get the soapstone's in Qulllisajanniavik, Tukajak Island. Together they shoveled out scraps, drilled, pulled the scraps up to the hill, transport soapstone's to the shore using honda. Finally to town of Sanikiluaq without rest until the scraps are at the storage place. It is a long process, with so much work.

Art: Johnny prefers carving walrus sculptures.


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