25" Large Arctic Char Fish by Toonoo Sharky

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Toonoo Sharky

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Inuit art: Flying Fish
Inuit Artist: Toonoo Sharky
Size: over 25" long, 12" high, 50  lbs
Community: Cape Dorset, NU
Stone: Serpentine (dark green for the body, light green and black for eyes)
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This is a masterpiece and presented as an Arctic Char fish in a large scale manner. It is done by world famous Toonoo Sharky from Cape Dorset. To be honest, this is my absolute favorite piece in the gallery. The reason why is because it effortlessly flows from head to tail. The color is a gorgeous dark stone with beautiful veins glazed throughout. It is a sizeable piece, thus making it visible in any room. I love the movements of this char as it is very intense and life like. The gorgeous eyes create this dramatic contrast that adds brilliance to the piece.

This beautiful arctic char fish is new. It is also extremely large and a centerpiece for any room.

We buy directly from the artist and can offer you better deals.

Toonoo has numerous international exhibitions and awards, please contact us for his bio.

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