24" Tattoo Arms Masterpiece by Damien Iquallaq

Damien Iquallaa

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Inuit art: Tattoo Arms
Inuit Artist: Damien Iquallaq
Size: 24" tall, 14" long, 9" deep. Weight: 43.3 lbs
Community: Cambridge Bay, NU
Stone: Bronze, Stone and mixed media
id: ndc-176-112981bicjy

Large and impressive masterpiece

Rituals of an impenetrably unsophisticated and fundamentally incomprehensible underclass. In this powerful piece, Damien captures the self-doubting insecurities and apprehensiveness the Inuit face to this day when brought together side by side with Westernism and its more multifaceted culture.

The desperate raised hands are Damien's attempt to show the vulnerability the Inuit feel in today’s modern world. This is especially true when the Inuit escape from their small communities only to find themselves trapped yet again, in a more immensely complicated environment - the industrialized city. The feeling of loneliness, and desperation often sets in and overwhelms their inner Northern spirits.

Conversely, Damien’s raised hands depict the oldest, most universal gesture of human culture and that is the posture of prayer.

Now, in this reverent position, we feel the tremendous power of the hands to express like your human emotion. Are these hands crying out in despair, OR are they quietly, respectfully offering a prayer to their god?

The multiple bronze bracelets encompass the forearms, defining the power of the sinewy muscles and cast a primitive aura on the carving.

This mesmerizing art piece would be at home in a modern, traditional or mid century modern environment.

With the correct lighting the effervescent bronze finish of the piece will gleam and shimmer!


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