20" Dark Owl with Her Chick by Joanassie Manning

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Joanasie Manning

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Inuit art: Dark Owl and Chick
Inuit Artist: Joanasie Manning
Size: 20" across, 12" tall, 5" deep, 18.2 lbs 
Community: Cape Dorset, NU
Stone: Serpentine
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This is a gorgeous and classic set of owls by world renown Joanasie Manning. He is internationally famous for his owls like this one.

The stoic and opulent pallid stone lends itself to the terse lines and flawless symmetry. This howls to the conclusion of a masterpiece with bounteous sashay and audacity.

The dramatic dark stone render this piece to new levels where the vibrancy is nothing short of stunning.  

This carving depicts the scene where a mother owl has spread her wings to protect her young. The eyes, made from caribou antler, blend exquisitely with the serpentine stone. The carving is polished to a mirror shine with beautiful proportions and lines throughout. 

Joanasie Manning (1967- )

Joanassie was born and lived in Cape Dorset all his life. 

Joanassie began carving at the age of twenty. His grandfather, the renowned carver Osuitok Ipeelee, was a great influence on his work. After carving sporadically for a number of years, Joanassie is now working more consistently. He has evolved a personal style that is becoming stronger and more confident.*

* From Cape Dorset Sculpture, 2005.

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