1st Place Prize Winning Piece - Winter Festival Povungnituk 2015 - RCMP officer detaining dog from Inuk

Jimmy Iqaluq

$5,869.00 CAD

Inuit art: RCMP officer detaining dog from Inuk
Inuit Artist: Jimmy Iqaluq
Size: 12.5" high, 6.5" deep, 8" tall. Weight: 15.2 lbs
Community: Sanikiluaq, NU
Stone: Argillite & mixed media
id: d-88780bhjjy

1st Place Price Winning Exhibition Piece

In this ambitious piece, Jimmy Iqaluq recollects the wiseacre demeanor of the town's RCMP officer back in the 1970's, as he was rounding up all the stray dogs in his small community.

This is an award winning piece inspired from a Curators Choice in this years IAQ 2018 Spring issue. In 2015, Jimmy Iqaluq perfected this theme, and crafted a 1st place prize winning sculpture depicting the historical significance of the relationship between RCMP and Inuk back in the 1960's and 70's.

This is Jimmy Iqaluq's recollection of this important chapter in Canadian and Inuit history. The story behind this piece as Jimmy recalls, is that at one time, the Canadian government issued a mandate for all unattended husky dogs to be detained and put down. The Inuit did not understand the reasoning behind this. Their way of domesticating an animal like a dog, was just to leave them be and free to roam the land. It was a foreign concept to them that animals had to be neutered and kept indoors or tied to a chain.
As a result, when the RCMP officers rounded up the dogs, this was a catalyst for much grief, anger and sadness for the Inuit. It was a difficult concept for them to grasp. The pain and sorrow that was inflicted on them, is something that Jimmy still remembers to this day.

"The killing of Inuit sled dogs on Baffin Island more than 50 years ago was likely not the result of a federal government plan to force Inuit out of their traditional way of life, according to an Inuit commission". CBC News
full story here

The story, craftsmanship, and historical importance of this piece warranted Jimmy Iqaluq a 1st place prize at the 2015 Puvirnituk Winter Festival.
Of late, I have been acquiring some absolutely tremendous pieces. But when I saw this piece a few weeks ago, I was completely taken, mesmerized and reminded of the exciting days when we first started our gallery ten years ago.

Jimmy Iqaluq is a personal friend of mine. He goes back to our very beginnings. Our logo is completely based from his world famous Loons with red eyes. What captivates me about him is he ALWAYS pushes the envelope. His craft is never the same. The quality is consistent. And every now and then, he makes a piece that is earth shattering. This is one of those pieces.

In fact, this piece is so stellar, I don't even know which picture to use as the main one.
Jimmy IqaluqThe annual Nunavik winter festival was held in 2015 in Povungnituk, Nunavik. Being among the elite artists, Jimmy was naturally invited to this competition. There was little doubt that he would win after making a masterpiece like this.

I dont really need to describe in great detail this piece. The visage, the meticulously placed etching marks, the gorgeous dark green stone, and the movement are all museum quality. What is so special about this piece is the fact it won first place. You cannot say that about too many pieces of art. This is one of them.

This is an out of this world exhibition piece by world famous Jimmy Iqaluq. The crispness of the piece makes it a world class carving. Winning first place makes it that more stellar. 

A prize winning piece like this is nothing short of an investment for any collector. It will go up tremendously in value over the years.

Jimmy Iqaluq (1947 - )
Solo exhibition:

"An exhibition of art by Jimmy Iqaluq of Sanikiluaq", Indian and Inuit Art Gallery in the offices of the federal department of Indian and Northern Affairs, Hull, Ontario, Canada, 2005
"Keeping Our Stories Alive: An Exhibition of the Art and Crafts from Dene and Inuit of Canada", Institute of American Indian Arts Museum, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA, 1995
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