19" Walrus Skull with Tusks by Greg Morgan

Greg Morgan

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Inuit art: Walrus Tusk with designs 
Inuit Artist: Greg Morgan
Size: 10"high x 19"long x 8"wide, Tusks. 16" on their own,  12.5" long showing when in the skull.
Community: Hall Beach, NU
Stone: Ivory

Quite frankly, this is one of the nicest pieces I have ever come across. I don't normally like to buy Ivory due to the many restrictions that the substance entails (restrictive exportation permits outside of Canada, etc...), however, when I saw this piece, my heart skipped a beat and I had to have it.

What captivated me to this piece were its stunning tusks. They possess an extraordinary laminate finish which cultivates a pearl ivory effervescence embodying its immediate surroundings.

The etched in designs of the two seals at the head portion add a beautiful dynamic that completely eliminates the share rawness of the subject and bring it into the nuances of art.

For these reasons alone, I put this piece into the masterpiece category and I was very lucky to stumble upon it.

An Igloo tag is attached and is legal for sale within all Canadian provinces and Territories.

Note to Buyers outside of Canada

This piece is for sale to Canadian residents only. Due to its Ivory substance, this walrus tusk is restricted for sale to all residents outside of Canada. 

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