18" Largest Ever Muskox by Lucassie Ikkidluaq - Museum Quality

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Lucassie Ikkidluak

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Inuit Art: Muskox
Artist: Lukassie Ikkidluaq (Ikkidluak)
Dimensions:  18.2" long, 10.5" high, 7" wide. Weight: 49 lbs
Community: Iqaluit 
id: b-8917efdj

OK... So where to begin. Lucassie Ikkidluak, ranks among the 5 top Inuit carvers in the world. He is still active today... but barely. I used to buy several of his muskox every year. Now he has chronic arthritis and is getting up there in age. This is the first muskox he has produced in over a year. With the help of his nephew, who maneuvered this large stone for him, he wielded himself to make this masterpiece.

And wow... what a masterpiece this is. First and foremost - by far the largest muskox he has ever done. Most of his larger muskox are 12-14" long. This one is 18". And it came out absolutely brilliant. The proportions and curvatures are all perfect. This is a museum piece and is 100% guaranteed to appreciate - especially after he is finished with carving. This could very well be his last piece. One thing for sure, you will not be seeing many of his pieces as often anymore. Especially a large one like this.

This Muskox is very large and heavy! The biggest muskox by Lucassie that we ever had. Spectacular sculpture!

This is a centre piece for an Inuit art gallery from a world famous Inuit artist (top five Inuit artists in the world), will be a centre of your home or office.

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