18" Respecting Our Elders Master Carver Derrald Taylor

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Derrald Taylor

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Inuit Art: Drum Dancer "Respecting our Elders"
Artist: Derrald Taylor
Dimensions: 17.5" high, 10" wide, 9" deep
Community: Tuktoyaktuk, North West Territories
Stone: Limestone
id: d-9988ddjjy

***Museum Piece

When Derrald Taylor unwrapped this sculpture for me, all I could say was, Oh my God!

And yes, I felt myself gasp.

I always expect Derrald to inspire me with his creativity and skill, but my response to this divine sculpture was completely unexpected!

I knew that I was witness to something very special.

“Respecting Our Elders“ elicits feelings that come directly from your heart. You can feel the surge of warmth in your chest.

Tradition. Respect. History. Honour. Pageantry. Pride. Dignity. I could go on.

And all the while, as these emotions wash over you in waves, you feel yourself overwhelmed by the genius and the talent of Derrald Taylor.

The intricacies of the sculpting, the care and love you see carved into the details of the embroidery, the dignity you see on the face of the drummer.....

I do believe at this very moment in time, we are seeing Taylor’s Opus. His Master Work.

I can’t seem to express all my feelings and thoughts about this glorious carving.

All I can do is ask “Respecting Our Elders” to tell you its story.

This Taylor sculpture symbolizes our human need for art in our lives.

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