17" Mother & Child by Manasie Maniapik *Hitching a Ride*

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Manasie Maniapik

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Inuit art: Mother and Child
Inuit Artist: Manasie Maniapik
Size: ­­­­17 (across), 16" vertical, 7" wide, 7" deep, 28 lbs 
Community: Pangnirtung, NU 20
Stone: Serpentine
id: caps-852004014cbjjy

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Masterpiece Carving!  Museum quality sculpture!

Maternal love is one of the most cherished and revered themes throughout the art world.

A baby's life is directly dependent on the adult who cares for it. Classically, humanity relies on the devotion, sacrifice and love of a mother to take on this nurturing role.

Manasie Maniapik has gifted us with this heart warming character study of an Inuit woman and a child. 

Like most women who are caring for their children, this Inuk is going about her family duties and caring for her child at the same time. True multi-tasking.

The Inuit mother is carrying her baby in an oversized parka called an Amauti which has a hood which allows the baby to be carried in a pocket, while leaving the mother's hands free.

Did you notice that Mother's mouth is opened wide?

Perhaps she is speaking to the baby or singing to him to lull him to sleep.  

Our Inuit mother is sturdy and solid in stature and she is carrying a pail and a utensil which suggests she may be preparing a meal.

Manasie has captured a brief moment in the day of a life of a mother. 

Every culture in the world can relate to this poignant Mother and Child scene.

The details of her parka, the winter hats and the facial features are captivating. 

The black stone gleams and reflects every soft line of this enchanting sculpture.  I love the contrast between the shiny black stone and the matte green/white of her pants.

We need these incredible Inuit artists whose lifetime is devoted to depicting Inuit life and ultimately recording the history of the Far North and its people.   

This sculpture is a Masterpiece that would be a cherished gift.


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