17" Masterpiece Walking Bear by Idris Moss-Davis

Idris Moss-Davis

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Inuit art: Mother Bear and Cub
Inuit Artist: Idris Moss-Davis
Size: 17" long, 11" high, 6" wide. Weight: 17 lbs 
Community: Qikiqtarjuaq
id: ndc-175-112977fgjjy

Idris's treatment of the sparkling white Alabaster stone is brilliant. The sculptural forms undulate softly, and the play of light, reflection and shadow is almost magical. This sculpture ranks as one of Idris's most delightful works of art. Done is a white Alabster finish, this magical bear and cub is one of the nicest works in our gallery.

The complexity of its refined finish is streamlined to a higher order not often seen in most carvings. The curvatures and atomicity of its lines are breathtaking. The eyes, facial features and posture of this bear are heavenly. 

The sparkling finish allow this masterpiece to transcend into an almost heavenly body where it wants to float away.

This piece is so spectacular, I had a hard time getting proper photos for it. Every angle was so spectacular, I just couldn't decide which ones to use.

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