15" Bird Spirit by Edward Tasse

Edward Tasse

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Inuit art: Bird Spirit
Inuit Artist: Edward Tasse
Size: 15" Long, 7" tall, 3" deep
Community: Paulatuk, NWT
Stone: Soapstone
id: caps-86600281fjjy

As the light strikes the tangerine stone, Bird Spirit’s ghostly echo springs to life in an explosion of magnificent colour.  Immediately, the viewer is drawn to the riveting off white staring eyes. Then, comes the exploration of the exceptionally long beak.  It is exquisitely carved; angular, soft edges, satin finish.  There is a brief moment in which the viewer stops and takes stock of the sculpture.  Is this modern art or is it Inuit art? Simple answer. Its both.

Bird Spirit is a formidable force with a gentle disposition. In addition, this is a large piece. Its exquisite lines makes it a statement piece for the home or office.  What a special retirement gift or anniversary present this would be!

Edward Tasse has carved this perfect sculpture. It is signed on the bottom and comes with the Igloo Tag of authenticity.

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