Arctic Hare Friends by Johnnee Lee Judea

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Johnny Lee Judea

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Inuit art: Arctic Hare Friends
Inuit Artist: Johnny Lee Judea
Large one: 15" across (tail to ear), 10" long, 5" deep
Small one:
 10" across (tail to ear), 8" vertical, 5" deep
Community: Kimmirut, NU
Stone: Serpentine
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**Price includes both Hares

These playful (but not juvenile) Arctic hares, are a feast for our senses.  

The electric lime green stone raises our spirits. The upraised faces of these rabbits are alert and quizzical catching our interest.  The soft colouration of the stone invites us to touch their soft noses.  We are reminded of childhood memories of our own beloved “Bunny”.

These two hares are mated for life.  To separate them, would break their hearts and their spirit.  

We insist that this pair not be separated. We know you’ll agree.

These hares, with their perfect proportions and quirky ears, are the nicest rabbits we have ever seen in the gallery.

There is a relaxed sophistication emanating from these rabbits that is palpable.
Their playful and innocent demeanor will bring positive energy to any space.

Judea’s Arctic hares would be a generous gift for a special someone or for a wedding or anniversary gift.  

The spirit of these rabbits is pure exuberance and joy!

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