13" Walking Bear by Kellyapik Etidloie

Kelly Etidloie

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Inuit art: Walking Bear
Inuit Artist: Kelly Etidloie
Size: 13" long, 8" wide, 8" deep, 18 lbs.
Community: Cape Dorset, NU
Stone: Serpentine 
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What is often forgotten in the descriptions of the Inuit and their Northern tundra environment, is the number of mosquitoes and flies that inhabit this area.  
The entire region swarms with these annoying insects. A sane man will be driven crazy as will the animal life.  
This scratching bear is acutely aware of these vicious little dragons just like the Eskimos who share the land with him.

This bemusing fellow is one of the few Walking bears I have seen carved in this distinct scratching pose.  He is in a losing battle against these inimical little creatures whose raison d’être is to swarm and bite.

The sense of balance, the crisp lines and colouration are punctuated by the inlaid eyes.  This feature lends itself to a strengthened character and prodigious intensity of spirit.

This special bear is signed by Etidloie on the bottom.  It comes with the igloo tag of Authenticity.

The sense of balance, crisp lines and coloration are punctuated by the inlaid eyes. This feature lends itself to a strengthened character and prodigious intensity.

The carving is signed on the bottom and comes with an igloo tag.

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