13" Two Way Chubby Diving & Dancing bear

Isa Palosussie

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Inuit art: Two Way Dancing & Diving Bear        
Inuit Artist: Isa Palosussie
Size: ­­­­13" tall, 9" wide, Weight: 14.2 lbs.
Community: Cape Dorset
Stone: Serpentine

This sculpture is rather larger than Petaulassie's typical carvings of dancing bear. It is also somewhat more complex in form in-that it can balance on both ends. The overall effect is lovely and harmonious. There is a brilliant sense of rhythm too as the spirit inside seems to be beseeching its escape from the rudimentary confines of stone in order to come to life; This is of course 'the legend of dancing bear'.

 This monumental work is possibly unique in Petaulassie's oevre in that it strays from his more medium sized format of dancing bears. Petaulassie is just as famous for his depiction of dancing bear as is the likes of other greats like Nuna Parr and Joe Kavik. He has created an impressive body of sculptures depicting human figures and other animals as well, but it is his affinity with the dancing bear that has captured the imagination of collectors.

This magnificent dancing bear shows Petaulassie at his audacious best. His workmanship in the naturalistic portrayal of a bear is excellent, but the truly remarkable aspects of this bear is its concept and its sense of balance.

Petaulassie has an uncanny ability to render both the massiveness and the quiet grace of the bear with surprising spirituality and form. The radical truncation of the bear's body creates visual ambiguity.

Gorgeous sculpture (He is a big, nicely chubby bear). Perfectly balanced in both positions (diving and dancing). Fantastic moves. Perfect proportions!Isaaci Petaulassie is world famous for his bears.


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