13" Prowling Bear by World Famous Jarloo A.

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Jarloo A.

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Inuit art: Prowling Bear
Inuit Artist: Jarloo A. 
Size: 13" long, 9.25" high, 8.25" wide. Weight: 22.6 lbs
Community: Pangnirtung, NU
Stone: Marble 
id: abjj852002139

This is an absolutely gorgeous and spectacular piece. The sense of realism and precision this bear conveys makes it bar-none a masterpiece. The sophisticated dark grey stone with the alert stance of the bear make this piece an intense and powerful sculpture. The darkish grey stone, the stance of the bear, the movement, the etched in fur, and the realism of the piece are all reasons why this is considered a masterpiece in Inuit art. The talents and skilful detail Jarloo uses allows this bear to have the realistic features of a true bear in its natural habitat.

Everything about this piece is the absolute best and is one of my favourites to ever make its way into our gallery. 

This bear is very unique but traditional to the Inuit culture. It is a beautiful piece and i did not hesitate for a second when acquiring it.

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