12" Large Green Swimming Bear by Tim Pee

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Tim Pee

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Inuit art: Dancing Bear
Inuit Artist: Tim (Timothy) Pee
Size: ove12" tall, 7" wide, 4" deep. Weight: 9.75 lbs 
Community: Cape Dorset 
Stone: Serpentine


This is a breathtaking and impressive diving bear by one of the very best Inuit artists for bears. Tim Pee's bear encompass the bears grace and might through realism which is how he likes to carve. One of our favourite artists for bears, Tim Pee is one of the most talented Inuit artists. His bears are always well proportioned, detailed and graceful.

Rarely do I ever get to see Tim Pee attempt a bear of this size. This is what makes this particular bear so original. He does the smaller ones very well. This is an incredible piece as the pale green stone and gorgeous polish really make it glow. The proportions and lines are outstanding. This wonderful diving bear will make an excellent centre piece for your collection.

To emphasize again, this is a huge bear for Tim Pees standards. It is absolutely gorgeous.

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