12" Standing Wise Muskox by Ooloopie Killiktee

Ooloopie Killiktee

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Inuit Artist: Ooloopie Killiktee
Size: 12" tall, 8" deep, 6" wide, 18 lbs
Community: Kimmirut, NU
Stone: Serpentine
Inuit art: Muskox
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Killiktee’s muskox stands on its hind legs with front legs held as if in prayer.
The long hair of the beast’s back flows around him like a prayer shawl. He has the appearance of a wise religious man preparing to deliver words of wisdom to his flock.

From prehistoric times to the present, this shaggy mammal has provided the Inuit with meat, warm sleeping robes and horn used to manufacture weapons, tools and artistic carvings. The Inuit also have a deep spiritual connection to this animal.

Killiktee honours this deep bond to the muskox in this carving. The deep rich green stone glows in the light.  Each strand of hair on the underbelly and the back fringe is meticulously and patiently chiselled with obvious care.

The posture is simple and potent.  It resembles the older style of the great master carvers; a style that is strong and quiet in its longevity.

This piece is large and would be a powerful centrepiece.

This carving is completely perfect and comes with the igloo tag of authenticity.  The artist Killiktee has signed the piece on the bottom.

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